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[wp] Kanjani 8 Wallpaper Set 001 + Ikuta Toma + Massu

(Set 001: Calendar and Old Scans)

Here are wallpapers from the kanjani8 Calendar and some scans that I made. Please enjoy them! Some notes about them will be posted with some artist notes because these wallpapers carry special meaning to me.


Click on the Thumbnails to get to the actual wallpaper. 
Do NOT Right-click Save As on the thumbnails because they are just that.
The thumbnails represent wallpapers sized 1024x768.
To find other sizes, check below the wallpaper and click the size corresponding to the size you need.
If you need me to resize, please comment below. I will try to accomodate it.




☆ The grunge look is all new to me. If you look back at my wallpapers, I never really played with it. I totally love how the Eito Rangers wallpaper came out. It was fun to make. ^_^ Plus, it looked very playful so it was really cool to work with.Eito was also rendered as Ink on Plastic and it was a style I have not used in a while. I LOVE IT. 

☆Subaru at the end of the world was a pic that inspired me from the moment I saw it. I knew I had to do something with it. So along with 

saiharawho encouraged me to do so, i created a picture that conveyed some destruction, hopelessness, fear and coldness. A few filters were abused, the bloom style was used as well as the separation of colors. I wanted to convey that Subaru fought to be the last man standing with that MYSTERY GIRL (who the hell is she?) I hope I got the ethereal effect right. A friend of mine from college thought it was a movie poster for a fantasy/ sci-fi film where aliens destroyed the world.. Could it be?

☆ CHIEF MARU!! Youre so pretty. I used Velva color technique on him, rendered a rainbow ( how could I not?) and used a little soft diffusion on him to get that just -awoken beautiful morning feel. I think... I really think it worked ^_^ What do you think?

☆ Camouflage Yasu - totally experimental, cloning and a lot of color filters and patterning used. I wasnt too happy. I wanted him to appear like he was hiding. Did I get that effect?

☆Mugendai- The beach K8 with ghost uchi ( ok he's not a ghost) on top. Its my way of expressing the love of K8 that they will always be together no matter what. There's that eerie infinity spirit around them too. Ok, I abused the rainbow on this one, bloom and light diffusion effect, and I also did the seamless fading. It seemed to work out..

☆ Toma's Lust - ok... that one.. I really dont kow what to do with that. In the original, he had ugly eyebags that made it look like he didnt sleep for a month took it out but tamegorou said it didnt look like him...

☆MASUDA SKETCH - I LOVE THE COLORS ON THIS ONE! I just went wild with renderign a soft painting effect. <3 I just love massu hes adorable.

Comment and enjoy!



1280 x 800

1280 x800




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