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REQUEST: greenberryhair MASSU

Massu's Fantasy
Style: S2 Flexible Squares
Screen Resolution: 800x600 and higher
Browser Compatible: Firefox & Explorer
Header Compatible: Yes
Nav Bar Compatible: Yes
Plus Account/Ads: Yes
Base Layout: snubbly

Note: Plus accounts will not look exactly the same due to adds.

1. Choose Journal Style: Under 'Select a New Theme' type Flexible Squares in the search box, and apply any one of those themes.

2. Customize Your Theme > Display: Show user picture icons with each of your entries?: Yes and Set the user picture position for each entry: Right

3. Sidebar: Customise it as you wish.

4. Custom CSS: Set all 3 dropdown boxes to No, copy and paste the code into the Custom stylesheet textbox:

I love making the header for this. >.> I wanted it for myself! OMG! Its so pretty! I hope she enjoys it. Please please please, comment and let me know what you think!
Tags: !layout, !request, massu

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